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Applicants can apply through either university. The admission decision will, however, be made jointly by both universities.

  • To apply through The University of Hong Kong (i.e. HKU as your home institution)
    • Please submit an on-line application to HKU (with application fee). Your application will be reviewed by the supervisor, Department, Faculty and the Joint Doctor of Philosophy Degree Committee (JDP Committee) members at HKU, where appropriate.
    • If your application is supported by HKU for putting forward to U of T for consideration, you will be requested to submit an on-line application (with application fee) to the U of T, and complete the relevant parts of the 'Agreement for a Joint Educational Placement-Doctorate' for submission to the U of T for consideration.
  • To apply through University of Toronto (i.e. UofT as your home institution)
    • You only need to submit one on-line application (with application fee) to the U of T. The U of T will pass your application to HKU for consideration, where appropriate. You do not need to submit a separate application to HKU.

For applications via the University of Hong Kong, all applications and supporting documents have to be submitted via the on-line application system at the HKU website.

The application documents include the following:

  1. On-line application form;
  2. On-line submission of certificates and complete transcripts of undergraduate and postgraduate studies;
  3. On-line submission of research proposal;
  4. Three on-line academic referee’s reports;
  5. Proof of payment of application fee ;
  6. Official score report of TOEFL, IELTS or other English language proficiency tests (for applicants from institutions outside Hong Kong where the language of instruction and examination is not entirely in English)

To view details of application procedures, please visit: