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You can apply for admission to the joint placement programme through either The University of Hong Kong or University of Toronto. Whichever one you choose will become your ‘lead’ institution.


Students are required to meet the entry requirements of both universities:

Applicants can apply through either university, and they are required to submit one application only. The admission decision will, however, be made jointly by both universities. 

Support Services and Facilities:

You will be registered at both universities and therefore be able to enjoy the full range of academic and social facilities at both universities, as well as receiving comprehensive skills and career development training.


You will be jointly supervised by two faculty members, one from each university.


Upon successful completion of the programme, a student will be conferred a single doctoral degree from the lead institution. The transcript will have a note on it stating that “the degree is awarded as a single degree under a Joint Placement arrangement with the [Collaborator Institution]”.


Candidates will pay tuition fees to the admitting university for the whole period of candidature.


Applicants applying through The University of Hong Kong can apply for Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS). A small number of University Postgraduate Fellowship (UPF) are also reserved for Joint PhD students with excellent academic performance.  For details, please see the Scholarship, Funding and Fees page on Graduate School, HKU

See Regulations governing postraduate scholarship by Graduate School.

For further informations:


Please send email to if you require further information on the joint PhD programme.