The Inaugural Symposium of the Hong Kong Society For Developmental Biology

March 14, 2005 (Monday)

Programme Schedule

2:00 pm
Welcome address
Prof. Kathy Cheah, Interim President
2:05 pm
Oriented cell divisions and the generation of cell fate diversity in a vertebrate embryo
Dr. Nancy Papalopulu, University of Cambridge, UK
2:45 pm
Calcium signaling in early development: Throwing light on key pattern-forming events
Dr. Andrew L. Miller, HKUST, HK
3:10 pm
Migration of mouse neural crest cells
Dr. Woody Chan, CUHK, HK
3:35 pm
Tea break
3:50 pm
Developmental Paradigms for Regenerative Skeletogenesis
Dr. Rocky S. Tuan, National Institutes of Health, USA
4:25 pm
Abnormal Indian hedgehog signaling affects distal digit formation.
Dr. Danny Chan, HKU, HK
4:50 pm
The role of Mesd in mouse development and protein folding
Prof. Bernadette Holdener, SUNY at Stony Brook, USA
5:30 pm
AGM on future development of HKSDB