The Symposium of the Hong Kong Society For Developmental Biology

September 23, 2005

Programme Schedule

2:00 pm
Welcome address
Prof. Kathy Cheah, Interim President
2:05 pm
Molecular basis for cell fate decision making in the neurosensory development of the ear
Prof. Bernd Fritzsch, Creighton University, USA
3:00 pm
Homeobox gene Irx5 is essential for the differentiation of cone bipolar cell in mouse retina
Dr. Chi Wa Cheng, City University, HK
3:30 pm
Tea break
4:00 pm
Proteomic investigation of polyglutamine disease pathogenesis in Drosophila
Miss Jessica Lam, Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK
4:30 pm
Conservation of a genetic network guiding the sensory organ development in C. elegans
Dr. King Chow, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
5:00 pm
Genomic instability in laminopathy-based premature aging
Dr. Zhong Jun Zhou, The University of Hong Kong, HK
5:30 pm
General meeting and Dinner