Woods Hole Embryology Course

The Embryology Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts is the premier comprehensive lecture and laboratory course in animal developmental biology. Although the course is nearly 120 years old, it continues to teach the most cutting edge approaches for studying metazoan development. Each year 24 outstanding students from around the world are selected to participate in this 6-week summer course.

This year one student from Hong Kong was in the Embryology Course.

He was an outstanding participant in the course, receiving very unique and broad training in animal developmental biology, covering numerous and diverse species. In addition, he was able to interact with top scientists from around the world in the field of developmental biology.

Please contact him if you would like to learn more about his experiences and this extraordinary course. The course directors (Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, Stowers Institute and Richard Behringer, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center) strongly encourage outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from Hong Kong to apply to the Embryology course.

Embryology Course Website: http://hermes.mbl.edu/education/courses/summer/course_embryo.html

Pasta injecting zebrafish blastomeres into a recipient embryo.

Last update: Aug 29, 2012