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Principal Investigators


Cheung, Lydia Wai Ting

  • Genetic control of neural crest formation, delamination and migration
  • Functional genomics for translational cancer medicine
  • Cancer biology

Cheung, Martin Chi Hang

  • Genetic control of neural crest formation, delamination and migration
  • Live cell imaging of neural crest migratory behavior
  • Molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis

Ching, Yick Pang

  • Roles of centrosome overamplification in carcinogenesis
  • Rho GTPases signaling in cancer metastasis
  • Neuronal cell differentiation and migration

Fung, Man Lung

  • Neural Control of Respiration: (studies with patch-clamp electrophysiology)
  • Hypoxia-induced neuronal injury: (studies with patch-clamp electrophysiology)
  • Hypoxia: (studies with in-vivo rodent and in-vitro cell models)
  • Molecular mechanisms in cardiovascular response to hypoxia: (studies with electrochemistry, spectroflurometry and molecular techniques)

Ho, Joshua Wing Kei

  • Bioinformatics
  • Single-cell RNA-seq analysis
  • Gene regulation
  • Epigenomics
  • Systems biology
  • Artificial intelligence in medicine
  • Big data for biomedical sciences

Jauch, Ralf

  • Protein and stem cell engineering

Lai, Cora Sau Wan

  • Synaptic plasticity in learning and memory
  • Role of interneurons in synaptic plasticity
  • Role of sleep in memory consolidation
  • Fear conditioning and fear extinction
  • Anxiety and depressive disorders

Qian, Chengmin

  • Cell and Cancer Biology
  • Epigenetics
  • DNA Damage Response

Wong, Alan Siu Lun 

  • Combinatorial genetics
  • Genome engineering
  • Protein engineering
  • Synthetic biology
  • Disease biology
  • Combination therapy

Yu, Cheng-han

  • Integrin signaling in cell-matrix adhesion
  • Lipid signaling in podosomes and invadopodia
  • Mechanobiology and cancer metastasis
  • Advanced fluorescence microscopy and image analysis
  • Bio-functionalized supported lipid membrane