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Academic Staff

Professor HAO, Quan 郝權

Professor HAO, Quan 郝權

  • BSc (UST China); PhD (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Professor
L4-48, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
+852 3917 9194
+852 2855 9730
  • Structural biology
  • Synchrotron radiation
  • BSc (Physics), University of Science Technology of China (USTC), 1984
  • PhD (Physics), Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1988
  • Postdoc fellow, University of York (UK), 1988-1991
  • Postdoc fellow, Daresbury Laboratory& University of Liverpool (UK), 1991-1994
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Biophysics, De Montfort University (UK), 1994-2001
  • Director of Macromolecular Crystallography at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source MacCHESS, Cornell University, USA, 2001-08
Crystal structure of Sirt6 with a myristoyl

Crystal structure of Sirt6 with a myristoyl 

Crystal structure of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase

Crystal structure of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase 

Crystal structure of New Delhi metallo-ß-lactamase X-ray crystallography is the major technique for elucidating structure-function relationships. The results can provide insights into how biological systems work and may find wide reaching applications in pharmaceutical design. Our research focuses on the development and utilization of crystallographic methods to drive structural studies of biologically important proteins.

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  • Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, HKU766412M, 2012-2015.
    • “Structural Biology of Human PECAM-1 (CD31) in Cell Adhesion and LeukocyteTransmigration”.
  • Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, HKU766911M, 2011-2014.
    • “Structure and Function of the TRPM2 channel”.
  • Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, HKU766510M, 2010-2013.
    • “Structural Biology of Sirtuins”.
  • Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, HKU765909M, 2009-2012.
    • “A new method for macromolecular structure determination: envelope based phasing”.
  • NIH, Multi-PI, 1R01CA152870-01A1, 2011-2016.
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), General Project 31370739, 2014-2017.
    • “Investigation of pathogenesis mechanism of two infectious fungi Penicillium marneffei and Aspergillus fumigatus 对两种致病真菌马儿尼菲青霉菌和烟曲霉的致病机理研究”.
  • Faculty Research Output Prize, HKU, 2014.

  • Member, Expert Working Group, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), since 2008.
  • Council Member, Chinese Crystallographic Society, since 2012.
  • Co-editor of Acta Crystallographica Section D, 2013 –
  • Co-Editor of Messenger, 2012 –