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Committees (HKU only)



Terms of Reference


    1. To broaden the basis of decision-making on research postgraduate education matters at the School level;
    2. To give advice to supervisors and supervisees on matters arising in the course of the latter’s studies;
    3. To function as the departmental quality assurance machinery;
    4. To make recommendations, amongst other things, on research postgraduate student admissions, award of Postgraduate Scholarships, prescription of the coursework load, and appointment of supervisors;
    5. To assist in monitoring students’ progress; and where problems have been identified in individual cases, to recommend appropriate action to be taken; and
    6. To give advice to the Faculty Higher Degree Committee (FHDC) on all student matters relating to the degree regulations and procedures.
    1. A minimum of 3 teachers (in the case of departments with fewer than 3 teachers, all the teachers in the department), including the departmental representative on FHDC, and the Head of Department (ex-officio) who should, as far as possible, be the Chairman.
    2. Appointments to the Committee shall be for a period of two years, renewable at the discretion of the School Director.
    3. Membership as of August 1, 2023:
      • Dr Lydia Cheung, Associate Professor, School representative on FHDC (Chair)
      • Professor ZJ Zhou, Professor
      • Dr Martin Cheung, Associate Professor
      • Dr YP Ching, Associate Professor
      • Dr Joshua Ho, Associate Professor
      • Dr Yuanhua Huang, Assistant Professor
      • Dr Cora Lai, Associate Professor
      • Dr Jason Wong, Associate Professor

Last update: July 25, 2023