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Committees (HKU only)



Terms of Reference


    1. To advise the Director on:
      1. the development of School’s strategy and policy in relation to human resources, knowledge exchange, research & innovation development and teaching & learning and its implementation;
      2. preparation of the School’s annual plan including financial projections;
      3. monitoring and review of the performance and activities of the School in relation to knowledge exchange, research & innovation development and teaching & learning;
      4. monitoring performance against the School annual plan;
      5. management, operation and resourcing issues within the School, including staffing matters (such as academic staff progression) and resource requirements (such as space allocation, equipment and staffing);
      6. any other relevant matters relating to the School.

    1. Appointments to the Committee shall be for a period of two years, renewable at the discretion of the School Director.
    2. Membership as of July 1 2023:
  • Professor Danny Chan, Interim Director (Chair)
  • Dr Martin Cheung, Associate Director (Research and Innovation)
  • Professor DY Jin, Professor
  • Professor Julian Tanner, Associate Director (Teaching and Learning)
  • Professor Stephanie Ma, Associate Director (Knowledge Exchange and Global)
  • Ms. Betty Fong, School Manager
  • Two ad hoc members from the School pool of tenured Professors / Associate Professors

Last update: July 1, 2023