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Committees (HKU only)



Terms of Reference


    1. With guidance provided by the Safety Office in establishing the School safety and health policies, works instructions, safety rules and miscellaneous safety-related issues; including but not limited to the following:
      1. To oversee work in the School that may present a hazard with the aim of reducing risks and protecting people and the environment;
      2. To undertake assessment and review of work which will take into account the potential intrinsic risks involved in the experiments, the competence of the personnel and the safety/security of the laboratory facilities;
      3. To prescribe conditions for containment, housing, storage, transportation and procedures under which hazardous research may proceed;
      4. To inspect and approve containment facilities before they are used for work with hazardous materials; and
      5. To collect and disseminate information and guidance, promote audit of facilities, train staff and students in the area of hazards and security.
    1. Appointments to the Committee shall be for a period of two years, renewable at the discretion of the School Director.
    2. Membership as of August 1, 2023:
      • Professor DY Jin (Chair)
      • Dr Sung Chul Kwon, Assistant Professor (4/F representative)
      • Dr Clive YS Chung, Assistant Professor (1/F representative)
      • Mr Edmond Kam, Technical Manager
      • Mr Tony Chan, Senior Technical Officer (1/F representative)
      • Ms Sheila Tsang, Senior Technical Officer (3/F representative)
      • Ms Molly Wong, Senior Technical Officer (4/F representative)

Last update: July 31, 2023