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Postgraduate Education


 Research postgraduate programme

Group students

The School of Biomedical Sciences offers research postgraduate studies leading to Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy (3-year and 4-year) degrees.

Our research postgraduate curriculum aimed not only at providing research postgraduates with excellent training in research, but also providing opportunities for all-round development and the acquirement of life-long skills in communication and critical thinking. The University and Faculty provide training courses in transferable skills e.g. in oral and written English, statistics, technique workshops, presentation skills, thesis writing etc.

We offer a regular fascinating programme of seminars given by local and foreign visiting scientists. We strives to provide postgraduates with opportunities to meet leading scientists through conference participation, academic retreat as well as by arranging special meetings with distinguished visitors.

Financial Support

Students registering for MPhil and PhD degrees are supported financially by Postgraduate Scholarship. The University also has provision for conference grants to enable postgraduate students to attend scientific meetings which will provide students with the opportunity to present their research work to fellow scientists from different parts of the world.

Please refer to Faculty of Medicine Research Postgraduate Prospectus for further details on various forms of financial assistance and scholarships available.

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Taught Postgraduate Programme

The School of Biomedical Sciences offers courses in the Master of Medical Sciences programme in Faculty of Medicine