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Undergraduate Education

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery:


    The School is responsible for the teaching of biomedical sciences to first to fourth year medical students in the MBBS programme. The teaching, accomplished through lectures, tutorials and practical sessions, forms part of the integrated system-based MBBS curriculum. In addition, our teachers serve as case writers and tutors for problem-based learning, contribute to the teaching of medical humanities, as well as supervise students in research-attachment modules during the elective semester.

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy:

    Course Code Course Title
    BPHM1111 Integrated Course in Basic Sciences: Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry
  • Bachelor of Nursing:

    Course Code Course Title
    BMSN1101 Foundation of Life Science
    BMSN2101 Life Science I 
    BMSN2202 Life Science II 
    BMSN3101 Life Science III 
  • Bachelor of Chinese Medicine:

    Course Code Course Title
    BMSC1101 Life Science I
    BMSC2102 Life Science II
    BMSC2203 Life Science III
    BMSC3104 Life science IV
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences:

    Course Code Course Title
    BBMS1001 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
    BBMS2001 Basic Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
    BBMS2003 Human Genetics
    BBMS2004 Human Anatomy
    BBMS2006 Physiological Basis of Health and Disease
    BBMS2007 Essential Molecular Biology
    BBMS2008 Contemporary Topics in Biomedical Technology
    BBMS3002 Molecular Biology of the Cell
    BBMS3007 Cancer Genetics
    BBMS3008 Essential Proteomics
    BBMS3010 Emerging Infections
    BBMS3011 Molecular Neuroscience
    BBMS3012 Stem Cell Biotechnologies in Regenerative Medicine
    BBMS4001 Biomedical Sciences Final Year Project
    BBMS4003 Developmental Genetics
    BBMS4011 Molecular Neuroscience
    BIOC1600 Biomedical Innovation Team Project
    BIOC2600 Basic Biochemistry
    BIOC3605 Sequence Bioinformatics
    BIOC4612 Molecular Biology of the Gene
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery

    The School contributes to the theme-based sessions and PBL tutorials for first year dental students.

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Major in Medical Engineering)

    Course Code Course Title
    BMED1207 Foundations of Biochemistry for Medical Engineering
    BMED2301 Life Sciences I (Biochemistry)
    BMED2302 Life Science II (Cell Biology & Physiology)
    BMED3301 Life Science III (Physiology)