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Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences


Summer Internship (Year 1, 2 and 3)

The Summer Internship is  a comprehensive non-credit bearing experiential learning component in our BBMS curriculum open to all students in their first 3 years of studies. Three types of subsidised Summer Internships will be provided to BBMS students, namely, (i) Local Research Internship, (ii) Overseas Research Internship and (iii) Industrial Internship. Students are expected to take on a 8 week internship work during the Summer Semester. For Local Research Internships, students are expected to conduct research activities in a research laboratory within the LKS Faculty of Medicine and supervised by a staff member from the Faculty (Local Supervisor). For Overseas Research Internship, students will be attached to research laboratories at overseas or Mainland Universities and Institutions, and will be supervised by staff members of the attachment laboratory (Overseas Supervisor). Finally, students participating in the Industrial Internship are expected to work in an external agency related to the field of Biomedical Sciences or in other industries and will be supervised by staff members of that agency (the External Supervisor).

For details, please contact the programme coordinators: Prof. Cheng-Han Yu (Local Internship), Prof. Stephanie Ma (Overseas Internship) and Dr. Masayo Kotako (Industrial Internship).

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