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The undergraduate Common Core Course CCST9006 has been offered since 2011. The aim of this course is to help university students develop critical, balanced and multi-dimensional perspectives on the power of modern biomedical science in offering solutions to complex health problems against the new societal and ethical challenges brought by such technological advancements. There are five major topics of the course: “Medicine and Biomedical Science”, “Combat with Microbes”, “Genes and the Human Genome”, “Treating Diseases with Chemicals”, and “Organ and Cell Transplantation”. On completing the course, the students will be able to:

  • Explain the basic process of scientific discovery and the historical and scientific background behind major biomedical breakthroughs.
  • Describe and explain how major biomedical discoveries have improved human health globally by providing the basics of disease mechanism, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Explain and evaluate the social and ethical implications of major biomedical discoveries.
  • Apply the above knowledge to critically evaluate other biomedical discoveries and their social and ethical implications.

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