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Nov 27, 2018

Seminar - Seeing is believing: Super-resolving poxvirus protein architecture (Speaker: Dr. Jason Mercer)

Dr. Jason Mercer
MRC-Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
University College London, UK

Date: Tuesday, 27-November-2018
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Seminar Room 1, G/F, Laboratory Block,
Faculty of Medicine Building,
21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

The spatial distribution of binding and fusion proteins on most viruses and the functional relevance of this organization remains largely unexplored. Employing super-resolution microscopy Dr. Mercer’s team define the nanoscale membrane architecture of the prototypic poxvirus, vaccinia. Dr. Mercer’s team show that binding and entry fusion complex (EFC) proteins are organized into distinct functional domains with fusion proteins polarized to the tips of virions. Repression of individual EFC components, or disruption of EFC localization, impacts virus fusion pore formation resulting in loss of fusion activity. Thus, they reveal that the nanoscale organization of viral fusion machineries are essential for efficient infection.