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Academic Staff

Dr LEE, Jada Chia Di 李嘉玓

Dr LEE, Jada Chia Di 李嘉玓

  • BSc (CUHK), MMedSc (HKU), PhD (HKU)

  •  Lecturer
L4-52, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
+852 3917 9167
+852 2855 9730
  • Teaching and learning human anatomy
  • Neurological basis of major depressive disorders
  • BSc (CUHK)
  • MMedSc (HKU)
  • PhD (HKU)
  1. Jackie Ngai-Man Chan#, Jada, Chia-Di Lee#, Sylvia Lee, Katy K.Y. Hui, Alan H.L. Chan, Timothy, Kai-Hang Fung, Dalinda I. SANCHEZ-VIDAÑA,  Benson, Wui-Man LAU*, Shirley, Pui-Ching NGAI (2017) Interaction effect of social isolation and high dose corticosteroid on neurogenesis and emotional behavior. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, Vol.11; Article 18  (# Co-first authors; * Corresponding author)
  2. Jada Chia-Di Lee, Suk-Yu Yau, Tatia Mei-Chun Lee, Benson Wui-Man Lau*, Kwok-Fai So* (2016) Voluntary wheel running reverses the decrease of subventricular zone cell proliferation caused by corticosterone. Cell Transplantation, 25:1979–1986. (*Co-corresponding authors)
  3. Tatia Mei-Chun Lee, Mark Lawrence Wong, Benson Wui-Man Lau, Jada Chia-Di Lee, Suk-Yu Yau, Kwok-Fai So (2014) Aerobic exercise interacts with neurotrophic factors to predict cognitive functioning in adolescents. Psychoneuroendocrinology 39:214-224.
  4. Benson Wui-Man Lau, Jada Chia-Di Lee, Kwok-Fai So (2013) Neurogenic hypothesis and psychiatric disorders. Chinese Sci Bull 58:3188-3198.
  5. Benson Wui-Man Lau, Jada Chia-Di Lee, Yue Li, Sophia Man-Yuk Fung, Yan-Hua Sang, Jiangana Shen, Raymond Chuen-Chung Chang, Kwok-Fai So (2012) Polysaccharides from wolfberry prevents corticosterone-induced inhibition of sexual behavior and increases neurogenesis. Plos one 7:e33374
  6. Suk-Yu Yau, Benson Wui-Man Lau, En-Dong Zhang, Jada Chia-Di Lee, Ang Li, Tatia Mei-Chun Lee, Yik-Pang Ching, Ai-min Xu, Kwok-Fai So (2012) Effects of Voluntary Running on Plasma Levels of Neurotrophins, Hippocampal Cell Proliferation and Learning and Memory in Stressed Rats. Neuroscience 222:289-301.
  7. Suk-Yu Yau, Jada Chia-Di Lee, Benson Wui-Man Lau, Tatia Mei-Chun Lee, Yik-Pang Ching, Siu Wah Tang, Kwok-Fai So (2011) Low dose of corticosterone treatment with exercise increases hippocampal cell proliferation, and improves cognition. Neural Regeneration Research 6(34):2645-2655.
  • International Travel Grant Award, International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) (2012)