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Dr SHIH, David Jen Hao 施人豪

Dr SHIH, David Jen Hao 施人豪

  • BSc, MSc, PhD (U of Toronto)
  • Assistant Professor
L1-54, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
+852 3917 9227
+852 2817 0857
  • Cancer genomics and somatic evolution
  • Bayesian statistical modeling of complex biological data
  • Deep learning for computational biology and medicine

Dr. Shih completed his BSc, MSc, and PhD at the University of Toronto, and he undertook postdoctoral training in the Department of Data Science at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, with cross-appointments in the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard T.H. School of Public Health and in the Cancer Program at the Broad Institute. He also did a postdoctoral fellowship in Systems Biology at MD Anderson Cancer Institute. Prior to joining HKU, Dr. Shih was a Research Assistant Professor in the School of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Texas Health Science Center, while serving as Co-Director of the Data Science and Informatics Core for Cancer Research.

In his past research, Dr. Shih characterized the genomics of pediatric brain tumors in order to identify molecular subtypes of cancer, cancer driver genes, aberrant molecular pathways, and prognostic biomarkers. He studied the molecular evolution of brain metastases and developed novel methodologies for comparative DNA copy-number analysis. He also investigated therapeutic strategies to exploit cancer defects in DNA damage repair using pharmacogenomic data. Additionally, he also performed longitudinal studies using electronic health records and sequencing data in order to better understand cancer progression and immune response. Above all, Dr. Shih collaborates extensively with scientists and clinicians around the world.

Dr. Shih’s current research focuses on developing tailored statistical models and computational algorithms in order to derive insights from integrative genomics, high-throughput sequencing, and electronic health record data. He is particularly interested in developing statistical models that are informed by scientific knowledge and accelerated by deep learning algorithms. In this way, this framework can benefit from the rigor and interpretability of statistical models as well as the flexibility and efficiency of machine learning techniques.


We are always looking for outstanding individuals with keen interests in bioinformatics, biostatistics, or genomics research to join our lab. See lab page for more information. Potential projects include:

  • Elucidating cancer somatic evolution, disease progression, and drug response by analyzing genomic data, such as
    • Characterizing poorly understood subtypes of cancer by multiple genomic modalities
    • Characterizing mutational processes across cancer types
    • Discovering cancer drivers from genome and exome sequencing data
  • Developing informed Bayesian statistical models for deriving novel insights from genomic and biological data, such as
    • Discovering biologically meaningful mutational processes
    • Understanding biological processes by performing variable selection on genomic data
    • Identifying artifacts in paired-end sequencing data from FFPE samples
    • Estimating the effective reproduction number and measuring the effectiveness of interventions with causal inference
    • Extracting core signals from RNA expression data acquired on diverse platforms
  • Developing probabilistic deep learning models to recognize patterns in complex biological data, such as
    • Elucidating intratumoral heterogeneity and cell-cell interactions with single-cell RNA-sequencing and spatial transcriptomics data
    • Mapping the landscape of cellular responses to drugs using contrastive learning on pharmacogenomic data


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  • HKU-100 Scholar, University of Hong Kong (2021)
  • CGC Abstract Award, Cancer Genomics Consortium, USA (2020)
  • Gulf Coast Consortia Computational Cancer Biology Fellowship, USA (2019 – 2020)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Fellowship (2016 – 2019)
  • Stuart Alan Hoffman Memorial PhD Prize, University of Toronto (2016)
  • Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, CIHR (2014)
  • Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship (2013 – 2016)
  • Lap Chee Tsui Publication Prize, Institute of Genetics, CIHR (2013)
  • Graduate Research Excellence Award, Hospital for Sick Children (2012)
  • McMurrich Presentation Award, University of Toronto (2012)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2009; 2011 – 2013)
  • SickKids Research Training Competition Award (2009 – 2010)
  • University of Toronto Fellowship (2008, 2010)