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Dr HO, Joanna Wen Ying 何文英

Dr HO, Joanna Wen Ying 何文英

  • BSc (Liverpool John Moores U), MSc (U of Lond), PGDE, PhD (HKU)
  • Lecturer
L4-54, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
+852 3917 9495
+852 2855 9730

Early basic biomedical research interests was in aspects of T-cell and Natural Killer (NK) cell responses in viral infections, as well as in tumor angiogenesis.

I have been involved in educational research in biomedical sciences since 2010.

Before coming to Hong Kong, I worked at the AstraZeneca Central Toxicology Laboratory, Alderley Park, UK followed by a brief stint working at the MRC Center for Protein Engineering in the UK. My working track records in biomedical research since 1998 can be traced by publications via the HKU Scholar hub, PubMed and Google Scholar. I am appointed as a full time lecture in Biochemistry since August 2010, my previous experience, training and exposure in the research field form the rich building blocks for constructing my present and future teaching profiles. Equally, the prior full-time lecturer experience in teaching Biochemistry at HKUST during early post-doctorate period also helps me to scaffold a more comprehensive portfolio in teaching and teaching development in the area of basic biomedical sciences in the tertiary education.

My educational research focuses on investigations to further understand aspects of the Learning sciences in terms of designing and implementing more effective contextualized instructional methodologies for knowledge building. I am also interested to evaluate the practicalities of learning innovations when implemented under the local contexts. 

Paper and Conference Presentations

  1. Ye Liang, Wong NS, Ho JW*. Design, development and evaluation of biochemistry virtual laboratory: reflections on the instructional design. GSTF Journal of Education (JEd), Vol 3, No 2 (2016) (*corresponding author)
  2. Cheng SF, Ho JW, Chan KYY, Leung TY, Lam HS, Fong OLH, Li K, Ng PC. IL15 and macrophage secretory factors facilitate immune activation of neonatal natural killer cells by lipoteichoic acid. Cytokine, 61(2):499-505. 2013
  3. Hershkovitz O, Rosental B, Rosenberg LA, Navarro-Sanchez ME, Jivov S, Zilka A, Gershoni-Yahalom O, Brient-Litzler E, Bedouelle H, Ho JW, Campbell KS, Rager-Zisman B, Despres P, Porgador A. NKp44 receptor mediates interaction of the envelope glycoproteins from the West-Nile and dengue viruses with Natural Killer cells. J Immunol 183, 2610-21. 2009
  4. Ho JW, Hershkovitz O, Peiris M, Zilka A, Bar-Ilan A, Nal B, Chu K, Kudelko M, Kam YW, Achdout H, Mandelboim M, Altmeryer R, Mandelboim O, Bruzzone R, Porgador A. H5-type influenza hemagglutinin is functionally recognized by the natural killer activating receptor, NKp44. J Virology 82(4):2028. 2008
  5. Ho JW, Pang RW, Lau C, Sun CK, Yu WC, Fan ST, Poon RT. Significance of circulating endothelial progenitor cells in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology 44(4):836. 2006(Oct)
  6. Ho JW, Man K, Sun CK, Lee TK, Poon RT, Fan ST. Effects of a novel immunomodulating agent, FTY720, on tumor growth and angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma. Mol Cancer Ther, 4(9):1430. 2005
  7. Ho JW, Liang RH, and Srivastava G. Preferential Type-1 Cytokine gene expressions in peripheral T-cell lymphomas. Hematol Oncol 17[3]: 117-29. 1999
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Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding:

  • KE Funding Exercise 2016-17 (approved in Aug/2016). “Through the looking glass – discover the fun and the realities in the wonderland of biomedical sciences.” Project Coordinator: Dr Joanna WY Ho.
  • Teaching Development Grant 2015-17 (approved in July/2015). “Blending team-based learning in medical biochemistry at the bench-side.” Principal Investigator: Dr Joanna WY Ho.
  • Teaching Development Grant 2014-15 (approved in June/2014). “Breathing life into the concepts of biochemistry – from bedside to bench-side.” Principal Investigator: Dr Joanna WY Ho. (Project completed)
  • Teaching Development Grant 2013-14 (approved in May/2013). “Biochemistry for the virtual and life-long learners.” Principal Investigator: Dr Joanna WY Ho. (Project completed)
  • Faculty Teaching Medal, LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU. 2015