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Academic Staff

Dr KWON, Sung Chul 權性哲

Dr KWON, Sung Chul 權性哲

  • BSc, PhD (Seoul National U)
  • Assistant Professor
L1-46, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
+852 3917 9834
+852 2817 0857
  • RNA biology
  • Small RNA
  • Genome engineering
  • Enzyme engineering
  • Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, HKU (2020–Present)
  • Researcher, Center for RNA Research, Institute for Basic Science (2019–2020)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for RNA Research, Institute for Basic Science; Supervisors: Jae-Sung Woo & V. Narry Kim (2013–2018)
  • PhD, Biological Sciences, Seoul National University (2006–2013); Supervisor: V. Narry Kim
  • BSc, Biological Sciences (& Interdisciplinary Major in Biotechnology), Seoul National University (2001–2006)

We aim to understand RNA-based gene expression regulation mechanisms and to develop new technologies that can be used in biology and medicine. We apply an integrative approach by combining CRISPR-Cas systems, high-throughput sequencing, and human cell-based protein purification.

RNA-binding proteins (disease-associated or ribonucleases)

Previously, we provided a whole RNA-binding protein repertoire of embryonic stem cells in collaboration with the Matthias Hentze group at EMBL (Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 2013). This paper served as one of the three core datasets for a mammalian RNA-binding protein list (Nature Reviews Genetics 2014, 15:829). Based on this finding, we are going to elucidate the action mechanisms of disease-associated RNA-binding proteins and ribonucleases.

Small RNAs and noncoding RNAs

We solved the first crystal structure of DROSHA, an essential ribonuclease in microRNA biogenesis, and elucidated the comprehensive processing rules of DROSHA using high-throughput biochemistry (Cell 2016; Molecular Cell 2019). Now we know how DROSHA accurately finds the cleavage site on primary microRNAs, and we can use this information for designing short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) to regulate genes of interest precisely. We are going to develop a new small RNA screening method and apply it to various biological contexts such as cancer drug resistance and iPSC reprogramming.


Transposases rearrange the genomic location of mobile genetic elements by cut-and-paste or replicative transposition mechanisms. We envision that elucidating the molecular mechanism of transposases in diverse organisms will enable the development of novel genome engineering tools and pave the way for the patient-specific gene correction in the future.

A Cell video abstract (Structure of human DROSHA, 2016):


1: co-first author, 2: co-second author, *: co-corresponding author

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  1. Young Investigator Research Award (International Conference: Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2018)
  2. Young Scientist Award (Summer Symposium, Korean Society for Structural Biology, 2016)
  3. Excellent Poster Award (Summer Symposium, RNA section, Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2013)