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Professor LIU, Yang 劉揚

Professor LIU, Yang 劉揚

  • BSc, MSc (Sun Yat-sen U), PhD (U of Guelph)
  • Assistant Professor
L3-78, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
+852 3917 9792
+852 2855 1254

How epigenetic markers on chromatin are regulated by histone chaperones and chromatin remodelers

Dr. LIU Yang is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. Yang received her BSc and MSc degree in Sun-Yat sen University, China and PhD degree in the University of Guelph, Canada. Yang then worked as a postdoc research fellow in chromatin biology in the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. Yang joined the University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor in 2022.

The organization of genomic DNA into defined nucleosomes is considered as a universal and ancestral feature of the eukaryotes, which profoundly affect all DNA-related processes. LIU lab research explores the epigenetic regulations, which aims at understanding how epigenetic variations are incorporated and maintained in the genome, how epigenetic markers on histones are regulated by histone chaperones and chromatin remodelers, and how chaperones/remodelers and histone PTMs/variants interplay in diseases such as cancer.

* Co-first author

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