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Introduction to JS6470 Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics

Programme Co-Directors

The Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics is a four-year full-time credit-based programme leading to the award of a degree in BSc(Bioinformatics). 


This programme emphasises quantitative skills coupled to knowledge of biomedical sciences. This combination ensures that graduates are well equipped to work in innovative areas of growth such as genomic technology, precision medicine, digital health, mobile health, big data analysis of electronic health data, and global health analytics. We aim to equip graduates with essential quantitative skills and in-depth biomedical knowledge that are fit-for-purpose for a career as a biomedical data science professional in research, industry and the healthcare sectors.

Students will also be offered two related new minors in Digital Health and Biomedical Data Science, which will be suitable for all HKU undergraduate students. These minors will equip students from diverse backgrounds to learn key skills in bioinformatics and their applications in various biomedical application domains, such as genomics, precision medicine, digital health, and global public health.

Our graduates will be highly competitive in the international job market or international postgraduate research positions.