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Mar 17 - 20, 2018

Community Engagement: Croucher Science Week 2018

Croucher Week

Dr. Stephanie Ma is one of twelve members that took part in the Croucher Science Week, an annual science festival that attracts a wide audience from the general public, aiming at raising science literary within the Hong Kong society, connecting local scientists with the general public, relating science to daily lives, promoting the frontier research being conducted in Hong Kong, nurturing science curiosity among young generations and inspiring students to participate in research and innovation. The event is organized and funded by the Croucher Foundation, with support from the HKSAR Education Bureau, Leisure and Cultural Services Department as well as Hong Kong Science Museum. Activities in which Dr. Ma participated in include “What’s it like being a scientist?” at the HK SciFest, visiting over 15 primary and secondary schools to deliver a 1-hour science show, and writing column articles in local newspapers.

Croucher weekCroucher week


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