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BSc - Major in Biochemistry


Courses offered by the School of Biomedical Sciences to BSc Major in Biochemistry Curriculum


Perspectives in biochemistry. The objectives of this course are (i) to teach students a biochemical perspective on each of the Basic Sciences focusing on concepts fundamental to the learning of Biochemistry; (ii) to promote deep learning of course material through an integrated programme of practical and collaborative tasks; (iii) to Inspire students with a view of the great discoveries and future challenges for Biochemistry; and (iv) to help students make the transition from school to university by developing their teamwork, independent study skills and confidence to communicate within a Biochemistry learning environment.


Basic Biochemistry. This course is designed to present an overview of biochemistry of fundamental importance to the life process. We aim to develop appreciation of the basics in biochemistry as a common ground for science and non-science students to progress into their areas of specialization. Students intending to pursue further studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will find this course particularly helpful. 


Basic Metabolism. This course aims to provide foundation concepts of metabolism. It will enable students of this course to see how some of the basic concepts in biochemistry (specifically those learned in BIOC1600 and BIOC2600) could be applied to explain one of the most important and cardinal issues of biological life: the acquisition of metabolic energy. The course will lay the foundation for the more advanced courses offered in the Biochemistry Major and will also serve as a useful complement to courses on nutrition.


Essential Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. To give students a general overview of different experimental approaches and model systems, and to provide students with hands-on experience in basic biochemical and molecular techniques.


Sequence Bioinformatics. This course will examine existing bioinformatics tools for DNA and protein sequence analysis. The underlying principles of these analysis programs and services will be presented. Students will learn how to retrieve, analyze, and compare protein and DNA sequences using bioinformatics tools available on the World Wide Web.


Molecular Medicine. To provide up-to-date knowledge of the molecular and genetic basis of human diseases including cancer, thereby preparing the students for a career in medical molecular biology, biotechnological, pharmaceutical and genome research.


Directed Studies in Biochemistry. To enhance students knowledge of a particular topic and the students self-directed learning and critical thinking skills. 
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Biochemistry Internship. This course aims to offer students the opportunities to gain work experience in the industry related to their major of study. The workplace learning experience would be of great benefit to the students to apply their knowledge gained in the study to the real work environments. Students have to take on at least 160 hours of internship work either within the University or outside the University arranged by the School/Departments. 
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Advanced Biochemistry. This course aims at providing students an in-depth understanding of fundamental principles applicable in modern biochemistry. This course is particularly useful for students interested in research or intending to develop a career in biomedical sciences. 


Molecular Biology of the Gene. To provide an up-to-date knowledge of molecular biology, especially with respect to the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression, molecular embryology.

This is a comprehensive course covering many detailed molecular aspects of gene regulation and gene function. Through this course an understanding of how gene expression can be regulated at levels of transcription and post transcription will be gained.


Advanced Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This is an advanced experimental-based course for students majoring in Biochemistry and related disciplines. The aim is to provide the necessary training for students to pursuit postgraduate research education and potential employment in a scientific laboratory/industry environment.


Biochemistry Project. To enable students to acquire the basic skills in scientific research: literature search, critical reasoning, communication (both orally and in writing), teamwork and time management. The course is particularly useful for those students who intend to pursue a career in life science. 
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